Writer, Trainer and Consultant 

Bano Younus

  • CEO of Creative Management Services 
  • Complementary Health Specialist
  • Certified Reiki Master and Teacher  
  • Certified in Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing, and Pranic Psychotherapy 
  • Holistic Coach and Trainer
  • Writer, TV Producer and Presenter
  • Freelance Consultant in Personal & Business Development
  • Founder of The Success Network on Facebook


 See Bano's Bio page for full information.

 Bano's mission is to share her knowledge and wisdom to make
a difference through empowering others.

Mission Statement

Being the best and helping others to be their best.


Providing holistic lifestyle solutions.


Celebrating our similarities and embracing our differences as individuals. Living the best life on God's beautiful creation, the earth, in line with the Islamic values He has given us to live by: a world of peace, co-operation, love, compassion, kindness and tolerance.



  • To help people achieve better health, energy and spirituality, improve their lives, and to grow through personal and business development
  • Establish an Islamic Health and Healing Centre in the UK 



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